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Ben Few & Company, Inc. was incorporated in August 1993, and is the continuation of three generations of insurance specialists, with the mission of providing the highest quality of knowledge and service in the field of Risk Management Consulting. Our mission was, and will always be, to obtain sophisticated clients that have and understand the need for in-house knowledge and control of the risk management elements of their operations and provide these organizations with substantial enhancements to existing programs. Our goal is to provide an overall increased level of comfort for staff in the field of risk management.

Fort Myers, FL

Although our firm was incorporated 1993, Ben Few III began his insurance career following graduation from college in 1974. Experience includes training in claims with USF&G Insurance Company, as well as owning a Commercial Lines Insurance Agency for eleven years. In addition to many advanced educational courses taken through Company and Agent Associations, Ben Few III committed to training for and obtaining the professional designations of Associate in Risk Management and Associate in Risk Management-Public Entities, when he decided to work in fee-only consulting. Our staff keeps abreast of the most current developments in the industry through professional publications, classes, and seminars. Ben Few III is a member in good standing, and past director of the Society of Risk Management Consultants.


Our firm currently handles full risk management consulting for Municipalities, Utilities, School Districts, Housing Authorities, Medical Facilities, Marine Facilities, Contractors, Realtors, Physicians and CPAs. Our duties include, but are not limited to: Risk Analysis, Property/Casualty RFP Preparation and Process Facilitation, Coverage Analysis and Selection, Coverage Verification, Procedure Analysis, Specification Development, Funding Methods, Management of Agents/Brokers/Companies, Insurance Audit Preparation, Bonding, Contract and Lease Reviews, Claims Management and Audits, Employee Benefits Review (RFP, Selection, etc.), Safety and Maintenance Programs, Drug-Free Workplaces, and other Special Programs.

Our Services

As an independent consultant, we work for a flat fee, and our only source of remuneration is that which comes from the client. We DO NOT receive any commissions or payments from any third parties. We DO NOT sell any products. We ARE NOT insurance agents or brokers. This guarantees a completely unbiased point of view, resulting in the best guidance available.

We handle everything from initial risk analysis to placement of insurance to management of claims. As your “in-house” risk manager, we are essentially your employee. Audit preparation, loss control, and policy management are all services we offer that will help you control your spread of risk.

Our clientele includes: public entities, individuals, engineers, educational institutions, utilities, country clubs, non-profits, contractors, developers, manufacturers, retail operations, third party administrators, employee leasing companies, and other insurance professionals.

The bottom line is that WE DO put professional knowledge at your fingertips to effectively manage your risk.

  • What is Risk Management?
    There are probably more definitions than there are types of risk management. Risk Management comes into play with everything we do, from living our personal lives to operating corporate and public entities.

    Simply put, risk management is the process of selecting effective strategy for preventing and mitigating unexpected losses that could financially destroy a business. These losses include everything from employee injury, damage to property, and claims arising from one’s liability to business interruption, loss of income, and general uncertainty.

    Prior to the early 1960’s, the term “risk management” was very uncommon. Businesses purchased insurance to protect themselves financially from claims, thus transferring their risk of loss to the insurer. Insurance was purchased; losses occurred; claims were paid; and insurance was usually renewed at very low costs, compared with today’s pricing.

    Today, it is not that simple. There are fewer insurance companies in the State of Florida willing to write coverage today. Moreover, premiums are much higher and the remaining competitive carriers only wish to write those risks that are proactive and successful in preventing claims.

    Thus, the purchasing of insurance (risk transfer) is only one part of today’s “risk management process”. It is essential for today’s individuals, corporations, and public entities to:

    1. Identify and analyze loss exposures
    2. Examine alternative risk management techniques
    3. Select the apparently best risk management technique(s)
    4. Implement the chosen technique(s)
    5. Monitor the results of those technique(s).
  • Do you need risk management?
    Absolutely! Some individuals and entities have more exposure than others, but overall, anyone taking a risk should do all they can to prevent a bad result.

    Many individuals and entities have low enough exposure to risk, that they can successfully manage that risk on their own or perhaps with the help of an insurance broker. However, the greater the exposure, the more difficult and expensive risk management becomes.

  • Why hire us as your Consultant?
    The five steps of the risk management process are much broader than strictly using the single risk transfer technique of buying insurance. Insurance is usually the most expensive method of risk management and when left unchecked, can increase in cost year after year.

    Ben Few & Company shows its clients how an effective risk management program will contribute to a better bottom line, and better peace of mind.

Our Clients

Non-Profits, and other board-run entities, are another facet of the business world that we specialize in. Board members have to check on their own coverage with regard to their personal policies. Is the entity covering the board members? Is there coverage under their personal policies? Has the entity properly protected both members and employees from injury?

Consider this: How often do board members use “their guy” for various services? Let us wear the proverbial stripes, and manage “their guys” for you, so you don’t have to. Now there’s less work for you, and you know it’s being handled professionally.

Private Firms
In addition to broker management, we coordinate other aspects of risk including builders risk coverage and contract review. Many times, a parent company operates several different smaller companies, and we are called in to manage the insurance situation among them.
We function as a supplemental or full risk management department for our public entity clients. In the public sector, we find many times that the job of risk manager has been delegated to either the legal department or the HR department. One individual may be wearing many different hats, so to speak. Our professionals will custom tailor your program to fit your needs.

A few of the services we provide to public entities include:

  • Broker/Carrier/TPA management
  • RFP Procedures
  • Safety Programs
  • Budget and Funding Methods
An increasingly important field of risk management is that designed specifically for the individual. We assess risk, analyze gaps in coverage, and recommend limits to match the individual’s net worth and appetite for risk. Whether you are risk tolerant or risk averse, we can build a program to increase your level of comfort.

Our Professionals

Ben C. Few III

Principal Consultant

Ben C. Few IV


G. Luke Few

Technical Analyst

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