risk managers

As an independent consultant, we work for a flat fee, and our only source of remuneration is that which comes from the client. We DO NOT receive any commissions or payments from any third parties. We DO NOT sell any products. We ARE NOT insurance agents or brokers. This guarantees a completely unbiased point of view, resulting in the best guidance available.

We handle everything from initial risk analysis to placement of insurance to management of claims. As your "in-house" risk manager, we are essentially your employee. Audit preparation, loss control, and policy management are all services we offer that will help you control your spread of risk.

Our clientele includes: public entities, individuals, engineers, educational institutions, utilities, country clubs, non-profits, contractors, developers, manufacturers, retail operations, third party administrators, employee leasing companies, and other insurance professionals.

The bottom line is that WE DO put professional knowledge at your fingertips to effectively manage your risk.